Exhibition of Sarajevo architecture in Sarajevo War Theatre

naslovnaTonight, as a part of this year’s Module of Memory of the 2013 International Theatre and Film Festival MESS, exhibition of Anida Krečo ‘Modules of Modern Art’  that represents architecture of Sarajevo will be presented, reports Fena.

The exhibition will be organised in cooperation with Faculty of Architecture of Sarajevo, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Module of Memory, and the exhibition will be presented as a part of the 5th International Conference ‘The Importance of Place’ which is organised by BHCICOP.

Krečo said that the exhibition shows a part of the city from which we can all learn about and added that modern architecture is very simple, yet very elegant.

She noted that the architecture is a symbol of the city and has an irreplaceable role in the look of the city, and noted that Sarajevo had the luck because architects of modern architecture very responsible enough to make their works blend into the space and time.

Anida Krečo was born in 1980 in Sarajevo and finished the Faculty of Architecture in Wien, and has created the monograph ‘Sarajevo-my city, the place of meetings’ and her photos were published in several magazines, said the Press Service of MESS.


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