Final Preparations for the 580th Birthday of the City of Zenica

ZenicaReconstruction of the Zenica boulevard and construction of cycling tracks are nearing completion and workers are working hard on preparing the city for the marking of the 580th birthday.

Marking of the birthday of Zenica will begin tomorrow with an official session in the City Administration where the attendees will be addressed by the Mayor Husejin Smajlović, after which public recognitions will be presented.

Within the marking of the Day of Zenica, the International cultural event “The Zenica Spring” is being organized traditionally, for the 21st time. Official opening of the event will be held at the Boulevard of Esher Ezo Arnautović (pedestrian bridge Jalija), which the workers have been preparing for the event tomorrow all day today. Members of the Folklore Society Željezara Zenica, the majorettes, Dance Club Shadows and cyclists of Zenica will perform at the official opening of “The Zenica Spring”.

Cycling tracks have been marked on this section of the Zenica boulevard and reconstruction of the main road and the pedestrian track has been completed. The disputable traffic signs which represented a hindrance on the cycling tracks have been removed.

At noon, exhibition of the photographs of the photo reporter Dado Ruvić from Zenica titled “The View of Zenica” will be opened at the Square of Alija Izetbegović (Trg Alije Izetbegovića). The exhibition features photographs taken with a drone flying over Zenica in the past period.

For its birthday, Zenica will also get a fountain which was built on the last roundabout at the entrance to the city from the direction of the Blatuša loop and before the exit from the main road M-17.

(Source: klix.ba)

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