Citizens to the International Community: You failed in Palestine!

Citizens to International Community novovrijeme.baBy signing petition in front of the Cathedral in Sarajevo, a large number of citizens once again supported the Palestinian people in their fight against the Israeli occupation and the violation of human rights and freedoms.

The Palestinian community in B&H is the organizer of a peaceful gathering of support from which a message was sent that the entire world failed when it comes to Palestine. Moreover, it was decided to send the petition and a letter to the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban ki-Moon.

In the letter and petition of condemnation which are to be sent to Ban ki-Moon it was stated, among other things, that ”from here, from the European Jerusalem-Sarajevo, the signatories declare that they are fully sympathising with the innocent Palestinian people in facing the Israeli repression and their defenseless opposition, oppression and killing by the Israeli army and the settlers whose target are Palestinians”.

We strongly condemn the violation of international human rights, as well as the denial of the fact of the killing of Palestinian people with knives. We request from the international community and the world to urgently stop the violation of human rights, open investigation and access criminal records, and not to allow concealing the occupation activities, amnesty, and exemption from any liability and trial or responsibility for killing under the pretext of self-defense”, it was stated in the letter.

(Source: klix.ba)

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