Financial Report of BH Telecom: Reduced Revenues and Increased Profits

12833214_1736220073281336_1495734809_nBH Telecom ended up the business year of 2015 with revenue lower by 4.8 % compared to 2014. At the same time, BH Telecom managed to reduce the expenditures as well, and ended the 2015 with a profit of 89.86 million BAM, which is by 1.6 million BAM more than in 2014.

In 2015, BH Telecom changed the management twice, and the latest changes occurred at the end of the year when they appointed two new managing directors. Also, the reorganization of the company to BH Telecom took place in order to get closer to customers while the number of employees was decreased by 100.

Total business income of BH Telecom in 2015 amounted to 542.4 million BAM, which is by 4.8 % or 8.7 million less than in 2014. Operating expenses were also reduced in 2015, and they amounted to around 458 million BAM, which is by about 30 million less than in 2014.

Besides the profit of 89.8 million BAM, amortization for 2015 amounted to 124.3 million BAM, which is about 4.6 million BAM more when compared to 2014.

“By this is stopped the downward trend that BH Telecom was recording for several years, since 2009. Also, based on other data, we returned on the leading position in the market according to both the revenue and profit,” said Mirsad Zaimovic, CEO of BH Telecom.

Zaimovic also emphasized that the value of the company was increased for 7.5 million BAM.

Zaimovic emphasized that the 2016 should be a year of stabilization and growth of revenue and that BH Telecom is ready for the introduction of new services and improving their already existing offers.

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