Fires in Jablanica getting worse: Everyone hoping for the Rain

fire2According to the latest information by the County operational center of the Civil Protection, fires on Prenj and Plasa are active this morning again.

About 5 a.m. has fallen a little rain, but it is still dry below the trees. We can hear thunders in the distance. At the time of writing report, around 6 a.m., it’s not raining but it is cloudy, as said in the statement.

Previous day, a helicopter of the Armed Forces in morning action managed to prevent the spread of fire in the high forest of Plasa Mountain with 10 overflights.

Afternoon and this morning’s activity of helicopters was postponed due to the weather conditions.

There is no major progress on the part of the fire in the direction of the main road M-17 and the railroad Sarajevo – Mostar, but there is a constant danger of rolling stones due to the very steep terrain.

Due to the very high concentrations of smoke, the fire on Prenj Mountain was not extinguished by helicopters.

Fires on the territory of Habatnica and Gornja Duboka in the Municipality of Stolac were extinguished on Saturday night, and this morning around 7 a.m., there was an active fire in Bačnik.

On the territory of Mostar, firefighters extinguished two small fires during the last 24 hours, and one on the territory of Čapljina.


(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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