First Ambassador of US to BiH: BiH made Progress after the War

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has achieved certain progress since the end of war in 1995, the first ambassador of the United States (US) to BiH Viktor Jakovic said on conference Sunday here.

During his address to the audience at the conference entitled “BiH and the region in the line of international politics”, Jakovic recalled that the Dayton Peace Agreement signed in 1995 officially stopped the war raging for four years in BiH. “The positive side is that the Dayton Peace Agreement stopped the state of war. So, this is the basis on which you can build a contemporary state of BiH,” Jakovic said, adding that citizens of BiH achieved more than they think.

Jakovic pointed out that, when BiH is observed from the outside, the international community saw a certain progress, but country can always do better.

However, he added that the international community has to continue helping BiH in all spheres.

When it comes to American politics towards BiH, Jakovic highlights that “there is a continuity in American politics towards BiH since the war”, and that USA did not give up on the important project of making BiH a functional state. He also added that the US Embassy in BiH is significantly more developed than in the period when he served as Ambassador in Sarajevo. He recalled on the things done by the USA in order to enhance the relations with BiH, on the aid it is giving and the USA engagement in almost all aspects where it can help.  He added that the situation in BiH has changed since he was the ambassador and that now, the new centers of world power of China and Russia have emerged having an influence here as well.

As a conclusion, Jakovic said that the EU and NATO alliance are the key places within which BiH and the surrounding countries can develop their mutual relations, and ensure a better life for their citizens.

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