The First BH Howitzer produced: It’ll cost 1 million BAM and has a range of 40 kilometers

bh-howitzer“Bratstvo” – Factory of Machines and Hydraulics (BNT TMiH) from Novi Travnik is finishing the first prototype of modern artillery weapons produced in BiH after the war. It is a self-propelled howitzer of 155 mm caliber, as released from the company.

Development of howitzer has been going on for years, and from this factory, which was the military part of the former giant “Bratstvo” from Novi Travnik, announced that at the beginning of 2017 they will perform the first test of this modern weapons which has a range of up to 40 kilometers.

According to Adis Ikanovic, the director of BNT TMiH, it is a weapon that is almost completely BH product, because besides trucks and computer equipment for guidance, everything was produced in factory in Novi Travnik.

“The first trial testing will be carried out on our training ground where we are testing mortars, and we need to see where we are going to shoot further target range. The only training ground in BiH is located in Glamoc, but when we consider that testing of weapons in the Czech Republic, Turkey or another country would cost up to one million BAM, it is better to pay some money to our military,” said Ikanovic.

The finished product will be, according to the director, competitive on the market, it will be up to 20 % cheaper than the competition and a lot lighter weighing, which will improve mobility of this artillery weapon.

Interest for BH Howitzer whose price will be about one million BAM per piece already exist, but no contracts will be signed before the end of testing.

Technical specifications:

– Range of 40 km

– Automatic filling with six grenades

– Computer GPS guidance

– NATO caliber 155 mm

– Lightweight




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