First Fair for Domestic Producers Opened in Cazin

The first fair for domestic producers and handicrafts opened in Cazin today.

This is a three-day manifestation that in the future should grow into a tradition based on what was shown today by exhibitors and in what visitors expressed interest.

Around 30 exhibitors from BiH participated, and their presentation of local agricultural products and various handicrafts attracted huge attention of people from Cazin.

The Association of Agricultural Producers, eco-tourism, local business people and local craftspeople from BiH with the support of municipality Cazin with the primary goal of promoting domestic production organized the fair.

“The fair is one aspect of mediation between local producers, buyers and potential business partners, which is very important and could deliver outstanding results’’, announced Fahir Alibabić, the President of the Association of Agricultural Producers during the official opening.

During the next two days several more exhibitors will take part.

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