First Pre-Round of Cup of FB&H: “Bosna Sema” defeated “Azot” with 6:2

bosna sema2Within the first qualification round of Cup of FB&H, FC “Bosna Sema” defeated FC “Azot” from Vitkovići with the result 6:2.

“Bosna Sema” started match enthusiastically and after only 20 minutes took the lead with the score 2: 0. Midfield player Mašić scored the first goal, after performing very well in the penalty area and a poor intervention of the goalkeeper of Azot. Another goal was scored by Mujić, who in his style, routinely shot from 17 meters and scored for 2: 0.

After the second goal, the drop in the game of “Bosna Sema” team was obvious and after a number of mistakes in defense, the player of Azot was knocked down in the penalty area. Although Smajić assessed a penalty very well, the visitors managed to reduce the lead to 2: 1. After a corner performed by Hiroš, Kovačić shot with his head and scored for 3: 1. The visitors did not give up, and after taking advantage after some new mistakes in defense, they came to the result 3: 2.

The second half passed in the complete domination of “Bosna Sema” team, which managed to score 3 more goals. Two of them scored the captain of the team, Kerim Kadrić, who overwhelmed the audience at the stadium Otaka with 2 wonderful goals. He hit the goal of Azot with volley shot from 16 meters first, and then concluded his performance with a fake. He passed two defender players and hit the ball in the right corner of the goalkeeper from Vitkovići. Between the two goals of Kadrić, Mujić hit the penalty and became the leading scorer in the “Bosna Sema” team.

It was decided by draw that “Bosna Sema” team will be free in the following pre-round, so for the opponent in the next match they will have someone from the First League of FB&H.

On Sunday, in the second round of the Second league of FB&H – Centar, they will meet with the team “Natron” from Maglaj.



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