Fish Stocking of the Una River executed 

poribljavMembers of the Association of Sport Fishermen “Una” Bihać, with the help of numerous activists, released 94.300 fish in the Una River this weekend, in an attempt to increase the fish fund in one of the cleanest rivers in Europe and continue the tradition that lasts for more than 50 years.

“We executed fish stocking at ten points with around 50.000 brown trout fish raised in our hatcheries. This time we also restocked the area from Vrkašić and Kralj downstream to Pokoj, then towards Kosteli, Srbljani, all the way to Grmuša. There we released around 45.000 brown trout fish,” said Denijal Selimović, President of the Commission for preservation of fish fund in the Association of Sport Fishermen “Una” Bihać. This activity has been implemented continuously for the past 50 years.

Fish stocking of the Una River is executed on the basis of different analyses performed by the Faculty of Agriculture Sarajevo. Based on the collected data, it is clear where and how many fish are necessary to restock a certain section of the river.

The Una River is home to around 20 different fish species. Selimović highlighted that the largest problem for the fish fund are certain fishermen who catch small fish and fish species that are under-numbered in the river, thus practically causing that certain species to disappear from the river.

“Situation is satisfying for now. There is enough fish in Una, one just has to be a good fisherman,” said Selimović.

(Source: klix.ba)

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