Finale of the Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival held last Night 

scmgfMusic Academy Sarajevo and its Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival closed the program of the Sarajevo Chamber Music Institute with a concert held at the premises of the House of the Armed Forces of BiH last night at 8 pm.

At this concert, the word was given to the future, to young musicians who thanks to their dedicated work, knowledge and talent gained the authority to present some of the most significant works of chamber music to the audience.

“Future to the youth” is the idea that stands behind the Festival and its very ambitious educational component. In the segment called Sarajevo Chamber Music Institue, this institute organizes a successful summer education program in the field of chamber music.

Every year, 50 carefully chosen students participate in the extensive program of making chamber music, master workshops, lectures and discussions, as well as in the solemn final concert.

Expert leadership over the SCMF Institute is in the hands of the members of the Manhattan String Quartet, in cooperation with professors at the Music Academy Sarajevo and all guests of the concert program of the Festival.

Finale of the SCMF was in the hands of the trio consisting of Sanja Vojvodić (violin), Lidija Paulin (chelo), and Sonja Marković (piano).

The trio is a regular participant in the Sarajevo Chamber Music Institute and these ladies have shown exceptional artistic improvement and valuable engagement in the SCMI project through a series of concerts in the program of concerts in the homes of the audience.


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