Play ‘Aladin’ this Sunday

ala1On Sunday, 9 June, children of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see the play ”Aladin” which will be shown in Sarajevo Youth Theatre at 7 p.m.

The play „Aladin“, as directed by Kaća Dorić, and adapted by Kaća Dorić and Nenad Veličković, has become an essential contemporary fairytale. Contemporary because it allows both children and adults to identify themselves with the everyday situations and phenomena that are part of the world of family, media and politics around them. “Aladin” remains a fairytale, because the power of Alladin´s lamp, or that of Džin-džin the genie – which gives an ordinary man the chance to make one or three life wishes come true – is used to help the positive values in life prevail, or in short, for a happy end to take place. This light-hearted and in no way naively told fairytale, geared to children and to adults, seduces us with its lively colours, songs and dynamics, but also provokes thought about the kind of world our children are living in, and in what way this world, our world and that of our children, can be made better. “Aladin” is a play that the children view with playful and careless excitement, and the adults with an approving smile.

Cast: Nermin Tulić, Sead Bejtović, Damir Kustura, Edhem Husić, Mirza Tanović, Ajla Cabrera, Drago Buka, Narda Nikšić, Boris Ler, Alma Merunka, Sanin Milavić.


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