Fishing can Be the Future of B&H Export

uzgoj_ribe_ribarstvoFish farming is one of the most promising branches of the economy in B&H, but the state is doing nothing related to the developing this sector, confirms the President of the Fishermen Group of FB&H Dževad Handžar for B&H news agency Patria.

He explains that our country produced annually about 5 thousand tons of fish due to the heavy snowfalls in B&H in 2012 and 60 % of them went for transport.

Handžar says that with Italy is established a fixed contract which guarantees the purchase of fish produces in B&H.

But the huge flood that happened that year made tremendous damage to the fish farms and a large number of fish escaped.

The fish production in B&H has decreased into 3.5 thousand tons, and many large contracts with foreign partners have been canceled.

“Unfortunately, the state still does not want to help us and to encourage this branch of economy, which has shown to have potential. It is like we do not exist for the state and entity government. We are connected to them only when we have to pay taxes”, complains Handžar.

According to the statistical data, B&H is the tenth country in Europe in regard to fish production. Handžar says, the quality of water that our country has reflects directly on the quality of fish.


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