Five Couples got Married on Fortress in Travnik

Five couples made got married on Saturday at a solemn joint wedding in the Fortress in the Old Town of Travnik.

“We are extremely proud of this activity that has become recognizable and unique, as well as that our love today in Travnik was crowned by couples from other cities from Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are many moments in life, but this one, in the very heart of BiH, will certainly never be forgotten bride and groom,” said the spokeswoman of the Days of the Municipality event Aldijana Dizdar.

She added that nice weather, and valuable gifts from Travnik Municipality and numerous sponsors contributed that day goes by in an exceptional atmosphere.

Along with the wedding, couples had the opportunity to get free makeup, wedding dresses, flowers, catering, cakes and, beside their loved ones, enjoy one of the most beautiful and most important days in life. After the solemn ceremony, the brides thrown bouquets, and on that occasion they “provided” new couples for the next year,” Dizdar added.

Elma Đozo, Belmin Halilović, Hanumica Planinčić and Alija Varupa, Adnan Tahirović and Belmin Kopčić, Dženana Petak and Sabahudin Belegić, and Maida Zarifović and Elvis Sejdić.

The event Days of the Travnik Municipality is held from March 15th to 30th, with more than 100 cultural-entertainment and sporting events.


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