Floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina: ECHO Joint Assessment Report

floodsThe Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Department of the European Commission (ECHO) recently published its updated report on the EU’s assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina amid the heaviest floods ever recorded in the country.

Since 13 May 2014, heavy rains caused large-scale flooding with subsequent landslides. The number of landslides has been over 3000, which risk to have, in addition to all other damages, moved mines and warning signs to unknown locations. According to the BiH authorities, 60 towns and cities were severely or slightly affected, occupying an approximately total area of 10.000 km2 – 13.000 km2.

On 15 May 2014 the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina requested international assistance from the Union Civil Protection Mechanism through the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) of the European Commission. The EU responded with one of its largest ever humanitarian assistance efforts.

On 25 May the rescue operations concluded and the first emergency response phase (mainly water pumping, water purification and cleaning) is now nearing its end. The Recovery phase has already started, including a comprehensive recovery needs assessment that started on 29 May.



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