Flying over Maglaj Fortress and Clock Tower (video)

maglajBack in the 14th and 15th centuries, Maglaj was a real medieval town. Royal Charter, in which was mentioned the Sub Castro Nostro Maglay, was issued in 1408.

The city was even then surrounded by walls which are gradually expanding, while adapting to ever stronger cannons that were made at the time. Fortress Gradina is more than 600 years old, and even today recalls memories on the time when it was a strategic object for protection of nahija.

It is spectacular while looking from the ground, but equally powerful from the air.

The building was made on a steep magmatic rock, which strongly overlooks the right bank of Bosna River. The old town got the current appearance in the Turkish period, in the 18th century.

Even today, in the complex of the old town of Maglaj stands a well-preserved clock tower, which measures time according to Central European Time (CET). Since this facility is built on a cliff, its front side is 17.10 meters high and its last side is 14.77 meters high. The clock tower was built in Maglaj on the 17th of October 1697.


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