FMET Delegation Met with Prince Albert of Monaco

MonacoThe Delegation of the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism(FMET) attended the ceremony held in Monaco organized by the International Organization GUWAA, which deals with the protection of ocean waters, seas, rivers and lakes, within the celebration of World Day of clean water, supported by the Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Prince Albert II greeted the participants from world of politics and show business and congratulated Kristian Curavić for the successful implementation of actions related to water protection and cleaning the bottom of the sea, rivers and lakes, and promised the continued support for the organization and implementation of these top environmental and ecological activities.

After the ceremony, the leader of the FMET delegation, Tomislav Lukić informed Prince Albert II about the natural beauty and biodiversity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in particular its beautiful river Una, which is the first holder of the white flag GUWAA in the world. The leader of the delegation on behalf of the Minister Branka Đurić handed to the Prince the monograph of Una National Park and invited Prince Albert II to visit B&H, Bihać and National Park Una and to participate in celebrations of the River Una Day, on 17th May 2014.

(Source: Fena)

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