Football players of FK ”Leotar” will meet next week

The first meeting of the football players of FK ” Leotar” will be held on the 17th of January, seven days later than previously scheduled. The coach of FK ”Leotar” Vladimir Gaćinović decided to prolong the date of the first meeting and the training session.

” It would be too early to start training on the 10th of January, because the Championship does not begin until the end of February or in the beginning of March. We will have enough time to prepare, and each football player already received the program of our training sessions during their winter break.”- said Gaćinović.

Although coach Gaćinović had the opportunity to take over the position of the coach of the team ”Zvijezda” from Gradačac during this winter break, he decided to stay in FK ”Leotar”.

” It is true that ”Zvijezda” showed their interest for me, but I think it’s best for me to stay in FK ”Leotar”. I would be very sad to go now when they have had such a great start in the first part of the season.”- said Gaćinović.



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