Foreign Airlines coming to Herzegovina?

airport mostarThe recent decision of the Government of HNC in 2017 to subsidize the work of the Mostar Airport with around 300,000 BAM opened the door for foreign airlines in Herzegovina. Although there was talk for months that the new air corridors will be opened in the following year, only now are created conditions for concretion of the story.

Low cost airlines require special conditions to start with the cooperation with the Mostar Airport, which is in the Mostar Airport in the near future have to adapt. Decision of the Government of HNC on the allocation of subsidies was finally completed, but it remains to choose the companies that will operate in the upcoming year. Representatives of the two well-known airlines have already announced their arrival in Mostar in mid-January and it is expected that they will reach agreements on cooperation.

At the Mostar Airport are already convinced that they will have another flight to Germany in the next year. The possibility to conclude arrangements like on the airport in Tuzla is opened as well, that Mostar connects with the Scandinavian countries where today live thousands of people from Mostar.


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