Foreign Investors interested in the Reconstruction of the Stadium Kosevo?

meetingChairman of the Council of Municipality Centar Sarajevo, Nedzad Ajnadzic and counselor of the Mayor of Municipality, Mustafa Resićc met yesterday with the president of the Bosnian-Hungarian association Marika Strack and her associates, who expressed interest in investments on the territory of this Sarajevo municipality.

Ajnadzic and Resic presented several capital projects for future investments, including: the construction of Sports and recreation center at Zlatište, the reconstruction of the stadium “Asim Ferhatović Hase” on Kosevo together with the construction of hotels and business centers infrastructure, the construction of the underground garage right next to the National Theatre and settlement Ciglane, and finally the construction of a commercial center at the location of the current parking lot near the City Market Markale.

“Today, experts are coming in Sarajevo, ad they will propose investment projects in the municipality Center, which would be financed from the EU funds, after a detailed analysis of possible investments,” said Resic.

He added that the realization of these projects would mean a significant investment for Sarajevo and raising of the standard of citizens, since BH companies would be engaged in the construction of these facilities, and citizens of Sarajevo would be employed in the new complexes.

Guests from Hungary showed interest to open the office for business incubator in the Municipality Center, which would make the procedure of arrival of foreign investors in Sarajevo a lot easier, while the Municipality Center offered to rent municipal office space at affordable conditions, as announced from the Municipality Centar Sarajevo.

(Source: akta.ba)

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