Bingo: We are continuing to expand, it is not true that Lidl is taking over

bingoBingo made the announcement regarding the information that the store chain Lidl is taking over their company.

“As the information that ‘Lidl is buying Bingo’ is circulating in the media again for the past few days, we feel an obligation to our customers and business partners, to deny these allegations. We want to state that the earlier mentioned seller has not contacted us, nor we contacted him, nor we made any negotiations on purchase or sale,” as said in the statement.

They added that Bingo is domestic chain store that exists in B&H for 23 years and has gained the trust of his customers and business partners, both domestic and foreign, through his work over the years.

“Guided by these priceless values, we are planning to further expand our business in B&H under the brand Bingo and under our slogan ‘The king of good price,'” as announced in the statement.


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