Foreigners are paying 2,000 BAM for a Night in Luxury Villas in BiH


Although BiH cannot boast with a stable economy as some more developed countries, it can still offer the glam that people with deeper pockets are looking for. Therefore, it is not surprising that foreigners are giving thousands of BAM for a few days spent in luxury villas in BiH.

Therefore, for example, you can spend one night in a luxury villa in some bigger BH cities for about a thousand BAM. Depending on the number of bedrooms, beds, size of the backyard, pool and gym, as well as other attractions, the rent can amount to several hundred BAM more or less.

Most of the villas, as expected, can be found in Sarajevo and near the capital city of BiH, as well as in the vicinity of all the attractive tourist destinations in our country.

The owners of luxury villas near Bascarsija, several of them, charge 600 to 1,000 BAM for a night. These villas have between four and seven bedrooms, and 11-12 beds.

Villas is the settlement Zenik near Ilidza are also interesting, and they cost about 880 BAM for a night as well as a villa in Hadzici, whose rent costs 960 BAM for a night.

Since our Olympic beauties have always attracted tourists, renting a villa for mountain and winter lovers costs between 700 to 800 BAM for a night in Bjelasnica or Jahorina. Similar prices are on Vlasic as well.

Although majority of luxurious villas can be found in the central and southern parts of our country, it is possible to find luxurious accommodation in other cities as well. For example, a complete ranch can be rented in Jajce for 960 BAM for a night or a villa at Kupres for 600 BAM.

“Citizens of BiH have recognized the value and potential of the market of luxury accommodation and they are on the globally-famous websites for renting houses and homes for a shorter period,” stated Avdagic.


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