Foreigners Often Visit Skakavac and Bijambare

Skakavac-1The public institution for the protection of natural areas of canton Sarajevo surveyed visitors to the protected areas of Vrelo Bosne, Bijambare and waterfall Skakavac in September.

The survey aimed to interview 40 visitors to every area and process information about their qualifiacations, agre, reason for visit and frequency of visits. Their comments and suggestions were analyzed on the basis of which the Institution can improve its offers and facilities.

The largest increase in visits were from foreigners, and in addition to the already known interest for Bijambare and Vrelo Bosne, there was in increase of visits to Skakavac, regardless of whether the visitors came from other countries or they are residing in Sarajevo as employees of Embassies and various other missions.

Their visits are constant throughout the week, and not dominated by weekends or holidays. They even prefer working days because there is less of a crowd. What is common to all three areas is that the age range is very diverse and is not dominated by one age group.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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