Friar, Effendi and Vicar spreading Peace and Friendship with joint Meetings

151123112.3_xlPresentation of program of the three-year project titled “Improvement of interreligious establishment of peace” was held yesterday in Mostar for the representatives of the Interreligious Council of B&H from Livno, Trebinje and Goražde.

The presentation was attended by members of interreligious councils as well as representatives of all three religious confessions in B&H. the new program is jointly launched by the Interreligious Council of B&H and the Catholic Relief Service.

Local religious officials are involved in the work of each council, trying to improve and mutually bring closer the members of different confessions with joint effort. A positive example of these endeavors is members of the council from Livno: Catholic priest, Orthodox vicar and Muslim effendi drink coffee together in the center of Livno at least once a week. According to them, that is a proof that true friendship can develop between members of different confessions.

Friar Josip Jukić, president of the Interreligious Council of Livno and the parochial vicar of the parish of All Saints, said that he, together with his colleagues, strives to send a message to the people that it can be lived and acted together.

Effendi Edin Ješarević, professor of religious education and member of the Interreligious Council in Livno, came to this town six years ago.

By getting to know yourself and others you set a level of social relations in a quality way. We strive to act jointly in different projects. Together we helped the residents of flooded settlements, giving a social character to the whole situation. In Livno there is a lot of progress between ourselves and between young people, which is very important to us. Željko, Josip and I are trying to drink coffee together at least once per week, apart from all obligations. That way, we convey message of peace and coexistence,” effendi Edin said.

The vicar of Livno Željko Đurica, an Orthodox priest, said that Livno has achieved great progress in terms of coexistence of members of different religious confessions in the past ten years.

(Source: klix.ba)

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