Covic and Mogherini about the Application of B&H for Membership in the EU

Mogherini-Covic-meetingApplication of B&H for membership in the European Union was the topic of conversation between the Chairman of B&H Presidency Dragan Covic and Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission in Brussels.

On the meeting, Covic reminded Mogherini on the progress that B&H has made when it comes to meeting the conditions for the next important step on the path towards the European Union.

He emphasized that all institutions at all levels of government in B&H are intensively working on integration commitments, especially those that are defined by the conclusions of the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU.

Chairman of B&H Presidency expressed his satisfaction with the recently published Report on the progress of B&H for 2015, where the results of the dedicated work of the European integration process of B&H were visible.

He also stated that the positive Report on the progress further motivated local authorities to continue with meeting the remaining conditions. Regarding this, Covic noted that current priorities are further meaningful implementation of the Reform Agenda with functional coordination mechanism, as well as the recent adaptation of the Agreement on Stabilization and Association, in order for the application for the accession of B&H to the EU to be considered.

High Representative of EU evaluated all steps that B&H took in the previous period as positive, and emphasized that the best indicator for that is this year’s Report on the progress of B&H. She also noted that B&H authorities showed a clear commitment towards the European path at all levels, and got B&H closer to a credible membership application by concrete actions.


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