Funds for Construction of a Highway from Zenica Towards North Ensured

autocesteFunds for international development OFID has approved to the company Autoceste FB&H funds for construction of a new highway on the segment from Klopče to Donja Gračanica, about 10 km long.

The company Autoceste FB&H is in the final stage of property procedures on the above mentioned highway segment , in order to create all the conditions for signing of a contract on construction of the highway from Zenica towards north of the country next year. 120 kilometers of the Corridor 5C will be finished and open for traffic in 2014.

The company Autoceste FB&H will sign the contract and will start with the construction of the highway from Zenica towards north of the country, specifically with the segment Drivuša-Klopče by the middle of 2014. Intensive construction works are taking place on the segments: Počitelj – Zvirovići, Drivuša-– Donja Gračanica, Žepče – Doboj South and Tarčin – Konjic.

Currently, 8 construction sites are active, where 5.000 employees and 90 local companies are engaged. The total value of construction currently taking place is 1. 275 billion BAM, and in three years construction of a quarter of  Corridor 5C will be completed.


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