Funeral for Twelve Victims to be held in Prijedor today

A collective funeral service will be held today at the Kamicani Memorial Center in Kozarac near Prijedor, after which the remains of 12 victims killed in Prijedor in 1992 will be buried.

Their remains in the past period were exhumed from the mass graves of Koricanska stijena, Tomasica, Hrastova Glavica, as well as at the sites Kozarac - Garevci and Jablanica - Prosara.

The youngest victim who will find final peace this year is Fikret Maroslic. He was 21 when he was killed, and his remains were exhumed from a mass grave at Koricanske stijene. Along with Fikret, his father, Himzo Maroslic, who was 47 at the time of his death, will be buried this year. His remains were also exhumed from a mass grave in Koricanske stijene. He is also the oldest victim to be buried this year.

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