Eid Meat donated for the most vulnerable Population using Soup Kitchen

A great number of residents of Sarajevo came to the Soup Kitchen Stari Grad from the early morning hours to donate the meat for the most vulnerable category of people in the area of Sarajevo.

The manager of the Soup Kitchen Zilha Seta, also known as Aunt Zilha, said that the reception and sharing of kurban meat started very early and everything is going as planned.

“It is already better than last year. This is going on in continuity, everyone knows that, those who donate and those who come to take meat, since 1995. Citizens bring kurban and leave nothing at home. We are planning to share about 2.000 kurbans today. We are working until 6 p.m. The people are coming, numerous people paid for kurbans, as well as for bread and everything else that we need,” noted Aunt Zilha.

Organization in the kitchen is great and many people are helping.

Kurban meat from the Soup Kitchen means a lot to Ferid Pandzic who has no income at all.

“The only thing we have is the Soup Kitchen and Aunt Zilha. It is the same situation even without Eid, from Monday to Sunday. I am a user for 15 years,” said Pandzic.

“I wish that everything is better, generally for the people,” concluded Pandzic.

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