Future projects of the energy sector in RS

President of RS Milorad Dodik said that currently several projects are being realized in the energy sector of RS. These projects are worth in total an amount of three billion euros and they estimate that its worth could climbs up to potential five billion euros. During the introductory lecture at the conference on the ” Current state and perspectives of energy sector development in RS” in Teslić, Dodik said that RS is currently in different phases of realization of many projects, including the project of the thermal power plants in Stanari, Ugljevik and the hydroelectric power plants on the River Drina. Dodik also added that he got the information about the payment of the first credit loan from the China Development Bank for the construction of the thermal power plant in Stanari. He also emphasized the importance of the pipeline ”’ South flow” and announced a meeting with the delegation of the Russian ” Gazprom” with the aim of forming a joint company of RS with this Russian state company. According to Dodik, ” Gazprom” bank will finance the construction of one part of the pipeline through RS, which should help the realization of this investment. He also said that one branch of the pipeline could go through the Federation of B&H and most certainly through Croatia. Dodik pointed out that the authorities of RS are determined to engage as much investors as possible in order to use the resources that will in due time, improve energy efficiency and stability of RS. With these projects, Dodik hopes that RS will achieve to improve the local potential in its exchange with the countries in the region.

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