German and B&H Companies Will Begin Massive Project in Mostar-150 People Will be Employed

vapnoOne of the leading German companies for the production of lime SCHAEFER KALK Gmbh & Co and the company BFS from the composition of the group Stanić will begin a joint manufacturing project that is worth 30 million Euros, and it was announced that there will be 150 new jobs.

Stanić Group announced that the entire production will be exported to markets in Africa, Asia and the EU.

This entire project was presented to representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Germany during their official visit to Stanić Group in Kreševo, and Director Alexander Mardian promised Maximum assistance for the realization of this project. The management structure of Mostar, added that Group, is busy working on preparations of the documents required for certification on taking the test quantity of limestone, after which a trial production will take place in the BFS factories in Kreševo.

‘’All analysis so far shows satisfactory quality of stones at the aforementioned location’’.

Therefore, BFS and SCHAEFER KALK sent a letter of intent to the city of Mostar for the construction of a lime factory. The city of Mostar was chosen because of its proximity to the port of Ploče, since the entire production will be exported through the port to Africa and Asia.

‘’Also, we will export to the EU market’’, announced the Director of BFS Sanela Kozarda, announced Stanić Group.


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