German Investors to open a Car Factory in Lopare?

The Mayor of the Municipality of Lopare, Rado Savic, met with a delegation of businessmen from Germany, who are interested in investing in the economy of this municipality.

After the presentation of the economic capacities of Lopare Municipality, Mayor Savic expressed his satisfaction with the fact that businessmen with great knowledge and capital  are coming to this region.

“Meetings with potential investors are giving us optimism that we can do a lot more on the employment of young people, who are key for the survival of this area,” said Savic.

A potential investor, representative of companies and business organizations from Dresden, Klaus Vinkler, noted that he believes that a common aim will be achieved, which is to start projects from the sectors of metal and meat industries.

He also expressed his interest in the opening of a car factory.

“We do not have that kind of a company in this region. There is a potential for sure, especially if we manage to find adequate premises for that,” said Vinkler.

After a meeting with the management of the Municipality of Lopare, the German delegation also visited factories “Termal” and “Termoelektro oprema” from the metal industry, “Flora farm” from the chemical industry and “Kristin mod” from the textile industry.



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