A German from Moenchengladbach: Sarajevo and BiH are my two Loves

2The German Michael Brockers wholeheartedly supported the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina last night.

Michael was born in Moenchengladbach, but the life path took him to BiH. He was in Sarajevo with the army in 2005 and eventually he decided to stay because he liked what he saw. While others are looking for opportunities to escape from BiH and go to western countries, he had a different vision.

“People in BiH are amazing. Of course that the situation here is not the same as in Germany, but the warmth of people made me stay. I started seeing then as my own people, I liked what I saw and felt in Sarajevo,” said Michael while walking in the center of Athens, wearing a fan scarf of BiH.

“I have been following the national team for years. I went to many matches, this year I was in Brussels, Luxembourg, I have been to every match in Zenica… I love this national team and this country,” Michael said.

Michael said that he cannot answer the question which player is his favorite.

“I cannot answer that. I love them all equally, regardless of their position or the club they play for. I am not one of those who love only Džeko or only Pjanić, or someone else.” Michael revealed that he also got to love one club in BiH. “Sarajevo! I love that club,” the German added, while showing his membership card of the Bordeaux team. “That doesn’t mean I hate Željo, though,” he added, laughing.

Michael said he had the most beautiful experience in Kaunas. “I have been to many matches, but Kaunas was a special night. “That was the first time BiH qualified for a major competition and I was thrilled.” Michael said that he volunteers in the daily center for children and adults with special needs in Visoko. He travels every day, at his own expense, to help others. He is a big fan of BIH and has one message for people in the country:

“We are all the same and we must look forward. We must be clever and lead this country towards better times.”


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