Ministry of Education of FBiH allocated 1.3 million BAM for the Field of Science

meetingIn the organization of the Ministry of Education and Science of the FBiH, signing of the financing and co-financing programs and projects in the field of science in 2017 of importance for the FBiH with rectors, or authorized representatives of eight public higher education and scientific institutions in the FBiH was held at the headquarters of the Government of FBiH in Sarajevo on Thursday.

The Ministry allocated funds in the amount of 1.320.000,00 BAM for these purposes from the Budget for 2017.

Contracts were signed with all six public universities in the FBiH – the University of Sarajevo (495,000.00 BAM), the University “Dzemal Bijedic” Mostar (132,000.00 BAM), the University of Mostar (181,500.00 BAM), the University of Bihac (115,500.00 BAM), the University of Zenica (148,500.00 BAM), the University of Tuzla (214,500.00 BAM), the Franciscan theology in Sarajevo (16,500.00 BAM) and the University Clinical Center in Sarajevo (16,500.00 BAM).

They include programs of support to scientific training on doctoral studies, publishing of scientific literature and reference journals, inter-institutional scientific-technological cooperation on the international level, the organization of domestic and international scientific conferences and research of importance for the FBiH and co-financing of research and study stays. Also, these contracts also refer to the projects and programs of equipping the scientific and higher education institutions when it comes to interior design and procurement of priority equipment for scientific research and research work.

(Source: klix.ba)

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