Construction of the Center for Children and Youth started in Sarajevo

“Learn, work, build!”Construction of the Center for Children and Youth started in SarajevoConstruction of “Ikre” the Center for Children and Youth started on Wednesday, December 30, in Sarajevo suburb Zabrđe.

It is the beginning of the first phase of construction of the Centre relating to the basement, earthworks, installation of concrete and iron. The value of these works is about 70,000 BAM.

“The first stage consists of the construction of the basement, and the integration of the existing building next to the road, and then follows the construction of three floors in the same building. This is the very beginning and these are rough works which will take about 20 days to be completed. Our slogan is “Learn, work, build!” and we are doing this in order to provide our children, youth and adults diverse and rich in content educational center. In this way we want to keep our children off the streets and betting shops and as an alternative to offer them a place where they can entertain and educate at the same time. As such, this is the most important project of its kind in the Sarajevo Canton”, said Safet Mešanović, the president of the Civil Engineering Board of the Centre” Ikre “.

The complex center “Ikre” will consist of four facilities, which will include the existing building – a mosque, a new central building, underground parking, a new sports and recreation facility, and clock tower. The project is funded by the Islamic community Sarajevo – Zabrđe congregation and is intended for additional education and upbringing of children and youth.

“Immediately after the announcement of this project we have received messages of support of our fellow citizens and people from diaspora. We are aware of the circumstances in which we find ourselves, and it is clear that there are unhealthy and useless facilities everywhere. Therefore, we want to build center “Ikra” together with all those who feel that this project is important for Sarajevo and beyond. We want to turn this center into meeting, learning, education, labor, and socialization place built on foundations of healthy values. We invite all those who wish to participate in this useful and socially – responsible project to join us”, said Mešanović.

In the area of 6503.25 square meters  Center “Ikre” will offer kindergarten, sports hall and courts, a library, rooms, open-air stage, offices and business premises, vocational training, foreign language and computer science courses, instructive lessons, restaurant, cafeteria and more.

The final completion of construction of the Center is planned for 2019.

(Source: klix.ba)

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