Germany does not insist on returning visas

The ambassador of Germany in BiH Ulrike Maria Knotz said that Germany is not insisting on returning the visa regime for the countries of West Balkans

She added that the reintroduction of visas for the citizens of BiH is not being anticipated.

” The Federal Government [of Germany] is following closely the development on the Balkans and it aligns its policies with the EU partners and the countries of the West Balkans, because visa changes are being decided on the level of the EU” said Knotz to ”Dnevni avaz”.

According to Knotz in November 2012, Germany received 8849 asylum requests while in 2011 the number was 4024. She added that the largest number of asylum seekers come from Serbia, and that BiH is on the fourth place after Serbia,Syria and Afghanistan with 653 asylum seekers.

Talking about the political situation in BiH, Knotz said that the last year was the year of stagnation on path of European integration.

She thinks that politicians of BiH need an honest will for dialogue and compromise, and that Brussels will give final mark about the level of harmonisation of BiH legislature with European standards.

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