Germany Supports the European Path of BiH

The Chairman of the BiH Presidency Nebojša Radmanović received yesterday the Ambassador of Germany to BiH Ulrike Maria Knotz. They spoke about the bilateral relations between BiH and Germany and the current political situation in BiH.

At the beginning of the meeting they praised the continued good cooperation and intensive relations between the two countries.

The Ambassador is particularly interested in the development of the political situation and the fulfillment of the remaining conditions for the activation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

She is interested in the possibility of achieving a political agreement regarding constitutional reform in BiH, which is necessary in order to successfully continue with BiH’s European integration.

“Harmonization of the BiH Constitution with the European Convention for Human Rights and Freedom is essential for the European path of BiH, which Germany supports’’, said the Ambassador.

They spoke of the political situation in the region, regional cooperation, and the impact of these two factors on the overall political relations in BiH.

They agreed that BiH has to follow neighboring countries regarding the progress of European integration.

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