Germany to introduce Visas to stop Asylees from the Balkans?

viza2Germany will eventually have to introduce visas in order to stop asylees from the Balkans, given the fact that 220,000 people requested asylum in the first six months of this year, and it is estimated that this number will reach a total of 450 000!

The data is showing that a large number of those who are seeking asylum in Germany and some other EU countries, are coming from the Western Balkans.

40 % of persons seeking asylum in Germany is coming from the Balkans, although, according to the Germans, their home country is not threatening them with prosecution.

Human rights of potential asylum seekers are not compromised nor they are threatened in the Western Balkan countries, but it is almost exclusively an attempt of settlement for economic reasons.

Few months ago, German government announced that any person from the Western Balkans who applies for asylum, will be automatically deported.

Reintroduction of visa is urgently requested by the Government of Bavaria, since this German province is the most common target for those who are seeking asylum.

Bavarian government pays most of the costs from its own budget, such as social assistance or social rents for economic refugees, and their number is now doubled in comparison to 2014.

The “invasion” of asylees started couple of years ago when visa to enter Germany was abolished to the citizens of the Western Balkans countries.

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(Source: klix.ba/ germany visa)

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