Gojer to HR Inzko: “It is humiliating for one’s Intelligence what OHR wrote on Issue of Formation of RS Reserve Police Unit”

Bosnian academician, director and writer, Gradimir Gojer, in an open letter to the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Valentin Inzko, wrote that “it is humiliating for one’s intelligence and common sense, to see what the Office of HR wrote in its announcement of April 19 regarding the issue related to the formation of a reserve police unit in the composition of the Republika Srpska police”.

“You say it is unclear to you why Milorad Dodik is creating an army under the auspices of the police. Therefore, in order to clarify the matter, I have to remind you that the genocide committed in Srebrenica was, in addition to the military formations of RS, committed by the police of Republika Srpska! Therefore, this in fact was a criminal formation in the time of war.

Now, we learn that such a potential military (!!!) formation also needs reserve units. Gentlemen, if this is not enough for you to make things clear, I will say it explicitly: it is a direct attack on an internationally recognized state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is a threat to every Bosniak and Croat in Republika Srpska, and these are units that are formed on the logic of genocidal politics and the nationalistic concept!

The fact that you are willing to tolerate the rhetoric of Milorad Dodik, who speaks clearly and loudly against the survival, the existence, in fact he speaks about the disappearance of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, does not do favor for your honor, but the fact that you are calmly observing the emergence of potential military formations that will tomorrow be used against the citizens of this country, and still you have the audacity to say it is unclear to you what the RS Police plans to do with the reserve police units, it is just adding the insult to the injury against every average intelligent Bosnian and Herzegovinian. You ought to be ashamed of your address and what you wrote in it!” said Gojer in an open letter to the OHR.

(Source: Federal News Agency)


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