Golden Volleyball Players arrived in Sarajevo! (Gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]The yellow and blue expedition of the national team of B&H in sitting volleyball arrived last night in Sarajevo, shortly after 6 p.m. A humble welcoming ceremony was organized for them by the families and friends, with just several dozens of citizens and journalists.

No special and spectacular welcome was organized for the best national team that B&H has ever had. The team that simply ”deals with” the competition from year to year, winning all trophies of the world, is not appreciated and respected in its country, not the way it should be.

As a reminder, the gold was won by: Sabahudin Delalic, Dzevad Hamzic, Asim Medic, Safet Alibasic, Beniz Kadric, Ermin Jusufovic, Muhamed Kapetanovic, Nizam Cancar, Ismet Godinjak, Adnan Manko, Mirzet Duran, and Adnan Kesmer.

In front of the Municipality Novi Grad, few citizens bowed to the pride of the country, the best national team of all times, the team that rules the world volleyball scene sovereignly, with head high up.

Take a look at the gallery to see how the golden BH volleyball players were welcomed in Sarajevo last night, after a several hour travel from Germany in vans.


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