Gondolas to Jahorina Slopes by Next Season

“The construction of gondolas from Pale-Jahorina will continue in spring. More than half of the funds have been secured for this project. If all the funds for the project could be secured for this construction season, the gondolas could be put into operation by the next winter season”, said the Director and Owner of “Majnex” from Pale Veljko Golijanin to Fena Agency. This company is the contractor of the project.

The value of the project is 15 million euros.

We are already in talks with the RS government because it is interested in participating in the financing, and the Italian company “Lajtner” will also participate. “Majnex” will also help in financing around 60 percent of the project’’, said Golijanin.

At the entrance for the future gondola there will be parking space for 35 buses and 500 passenger cars.

“For parking we have formed a plateau the size of one stadium. With this, we will solve the vital problem of the mountains, and that is mainly traffic collapses’’, said Golijanin. He added that the expansion of roads has been constructed.

The modern gondola, which can be seen in leading European tourist destinations, will allow people to arrive to Jahorina in 15 minutes. Passengers will be able to enjoy an attractive ride up to the ski slopes, said Golijanin.

There is also a plan for transport links between Sarajevo and Jahorina, since buses would leave from Sarajevo to the Gondola non-stop.

Golijanin explained that the entire project was ‘copied’ from major ski slope centers in Austria and Italy, and that it will also be used for the summer season. This includes the resort mountain plains.

The President of the Assembly of Pale municipality Miroslav Brčkalo said to Fena Agency that the local community and citizens of Pale have given full support to the construction of the modern gondolas ‘Jahorina Express”, which would connect Pale and the BiH Olympic Mountains.

The gondola project has an excellent ecological importance because it would relieve Jahorina from a large number of cars and buses and enrich tourism.

On the route from Pale to Jahorina there will be 40 columns, 18 to the bus stops in Ravna Planina in the middle, and 22 more up until the top.

The starting station is 700 meters from the Sarajevo-Pale-Prača road, at an altitude of 920 meters.

The implementation of the project would contribute to environmental protection. Transportation in the gondola is the basic form of transportation for most of the well-known tourist centers throughout the world.

The ‘Jahorina Express’ gondola project was awarded the European ecological business project in 2011 from the EPUBiH.

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