Great Success: Bikers from Tuzla won 103 Medals

The bicycle club ‘Zmaj od Bosne’ from Tuzla recorded the best and most successful season in its 24 years of existence, and they won a total of 103 medals in the past season.

This year, they participated in a total of 37 races, and they won 30 gold, 14 silver and 18 bronze medals, and 26 gold, 12 silver and 3 bronze medals on the international scene.

This year, 13 national champions came from this club, they represented our country in Romania with cadets led by Husein Selimovic, Savo Milovanovic, and Osman Coric. Moreover, Selimovic is the first cyclist from BiH with the medal on the Balkan Championship that took place in Romania.

Regarding the Premier League of BiH, they were dominant, as stated from this club.

Coach Hajrudin Trle, who is also selector of all road national teams of BiH, stated that he is satisfied with the results in the finished season.

“We managed to achieve a great success that will be difficult to repeat in the future, and not because we will not invest all of our efforts, but because the support for cycling is getting smaller. However, we did everything we could, the results speak enough about our success,โ€ said coach Trle.

The club is planning to work in elementary schools where they will start with cycling sections, and they will choose the best from these sections and create new successful individuals.


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