Green Light for Construction of Avaz Ski Tower in Sarajevo


The Council of Center Municipality in Sarajevo has adopted a proposal on Thursday for a decision on the adoption of amendments to the Urban Project “Centrotrans” Alhos – Phase I.

The decision was also welcomed by the Center Vice-President Sulejman Haljevac, who recalled that these changes actually paved the way for the start of construction of one of the most important projects.

“By adopting these decisions, Europe, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sarajevo were given the most beautiful building. With the construction of “Avaz Ski Tower” Sarajevo will get a new ambiance, and in addition to the beautiful building we are getting a new green space. With the adoption of these decisions, the struggle for the construction of the First Transversal has started and nothing will prevent it,” said Haljevac, news portal reports.

Earlier, Avaz Group’s director of marketing Sead Numanovic explained that documentation is ready, as well as urban approval and building permits, so they expect that construction will begin soon.

He explained that the team is currently preparing a construction site, because apart from the parcels we have bought, they have an additional land in the neighborhood of the already existing Avaz Tower.

The money, as he says, is ready, and the investor Avaz Group is ready to work alone, but also aim to find a strong co-investor. The tower project was made by the Sarajevo company ADS Studio.

“This tower with content around it would make a unique and multifunctional condominium. It is planned that the tower has office space, apartments for sale, hotel and rooftop restaurant. A shopping center would have shops up to 60 m2. There will also be a garage behind the tower with 500 parking spaces,” explained Numanovic.

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