Group of Fourteen Migrants returned from Croatian Border with Injuries, Police says

A group of 14 migrants was admitted to the Emergency Room and Health Center Velika Kladusa with bodily injuries inflicted on them, according to them, by members of the Croatian Ministry of the Interior while returning them to Bosnia and Herzegovina, confirmed for BHRT the spokesman of the Una Sana Canton Interior Ministry Ale Siljdedic.

As he said, the migrants were found to have minor bodily injuries. He added that they were migrants from Morocco, Bangladesh and Iran. He pointed out that the forced return of migrants happens every day in different areas that are not borderline.

“It is difficult to prove that the Croatian police did that, as they claim. Doctors are determining whether the injuries occurred during the attempt to cross illegally or in the conflict between the migrants, “said Siljdedic.

He emphasized that all statements, reports and documentation are submitted to the BiH Ministry of Security and that there were many of them during the three years.

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