Growing Dissatisfaction with Delay in Vaccine Procurement, Citizens in Sarajevo to protest Tomorrow

Due to growing dissatisfaction with the delay in vaccine procurement, a group of citizens announced a protest in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), symbolically on the Day of the City of Sarajevo on April 6th.

As they stated, a request was submitted on Wednesday to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) for holding the protests on April 6th at 12:05 p.m.

It was noted in the event description that several activities will be organized on that day that will take place throughout Sarajevo, and the main part of the protest will include a ride from the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH to the Parliament of the Federation of BiH (FBiH).

“We invite you to defend ourselves together on April 6th, the Day of the Defense of Sarajevo, from those who are ruthlessly playing with our lives. Write your message to Tegeltija, Gudeljevic, Novalic, and Mandic and point it out through the car window while driving from the Parliament of BiH to the Parliament of FBiH. And honk with the car, let them hear you! In those institutions, there are people who do not believe our lives are important. But they are important to us! Let’s show it to them! At the same time, we are officially announcing to the MIA of CS a series of events that will occur throughout Sarajevo, ” it was written in the description of the event.

Also, these requests were addressed to politicians at the state and entity levels.

“We demand from Zoran Tegeltija, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH, Ankica Gudeljevic, Minister of Civil Affairs of BiH, Fadil Novalic, Prime Minister of the FBiH, and Vjekoslav Mandic, Minister of Health of the FBiH to resign IMMEDIATELY or give STRONG guarantees that mass immunization of ALL citizens will start by the end of April, ” it was said.

In the end, the informal group that is responsible for the organization of the protest invited the citizens to join and said that this is a fight for life, but that Sarajevo can cope with such a situation, Klix.ba writes.


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