Happy Int’l Women’s Day: Women earn 300 BAM less then Men in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Surveys of the portal, based on data from their service, show that women employed in the field of economy, medicine, tourism and textile industry have an average salary of up to 300 BAM lower than their male counterparts, Biznis Info news portal reports. is an online payroll survey service within which the respondents themselves enter salary levels, which is why the survey takes into account the actual salary amounts in Bosnian labor market.

According to the survey, the highest salary of women employed in the economy and banking sector is 1,256 BAM, while the highest salary of men is 1,483 BAM, and when it comes to senior management, women have a salary of 2,040 on average and men are 2,368 BAM.

In the IT industry, average wages for women and men are almost equal, with women receiving 1,510 and men 1,558. A shining example where women lead the way in earnings in BiH is in the field of pharmacy, in the position of Pharmaceutical Manager, so the maximum salary of the manager is 1,662 BAM, while their male counterparts is 1,234 BAM.

Also in the position of Head of Banking Branch, women have a salary of 2.013 BAM, men 1.918 BAM. Analyzing the data of the respondents from the last survey “What kind of job do you want”, it is concluded that there are significantly more women in the total number of people who do not receive income.

Also, many more women than men have income up to 800 BAM. Comparing the desired salary expectations for women and men, for the most part women would be satisfied with a salary up to 400 marks lower than their male counterparts.

However, the difference in responses between men and women decreases with the increase in expected salaries, and thus 19% of women say they would be satisfied with a salary of 1,500 BAM to 2,000, or 23% of men. 15% of women and 18% of men would be satisfied with a salary higher than 2,000 BAM.

An interesting fact is that persons with a salary higher than 2,000 BAM are gender-equal, with more women having a salary higher than 2,500 BAM per month compared to their male counterparts.




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