Have You ever visited Radovan Lake in Central Bosnia?

Radovan Lake is located on the name-like mountain in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Radovan Mountain belongs to the orographic part of the Central Bosnian schist mountains. It is one of the oldest geological creations in BiH.

Radovan Lake is situated between Novi Travnik and Gornji Vakuf, but administratively it belongs to the Bugojno Municipality. The lake has a surface of 4.33 hectares, the length is around 250 meters, width around 200 meters, while depth varies from 1 to 100 meters. Total length of the coast line is around one kilometer.

The lake emerged in late 1980 after water accumulated in an abandoned mine pit where iron ore was exploited. This mountain was known for ore exploitation.

The lake is surrounded with coniferous and deciduous woods, rich in forest fruits, with characteristic mountain climate and perfectly clean water with different species of fish Radovan attracts a large number of picnickers, cyclists and fishermen who are dazzled with the beauty of this place.

It is possible to access this lake from two directions: over the pass Pavlovica from the direction of Novi Travnik and over Guser from the direction of Gornji Vakuf. These roads are of very bad quality, which makes the lake hardly accessible for visitors.

Radovan Lake is today in a very neglected and unregulated state, only enthusiasts, fishermen, picnickers, cyclists and other visitors take care of it.


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