Several Hours retentions at Border Crossings in BiH

There is increased traffic and several hours delays at the exit from Bosnia and Herzegovina at the border crossings Bosanska Gradiska, Donja Gradina, Bosanski Brod, Bosanska Kostajnica, Velika Kladusa and Bosanska Dubica, while at other border crossings, the retentions were not longer than 30 minutes.

There is snow still in the southeastern parts of BiH, as well as in certain parts of Sarajevo, and in the wider area of Romanija Mountain.

In major parts of the country, roads are mostly wet, and due to the low temperatures, drivers are warned of a possible icy road and advised to ride in a careful manner.

Drivers driving along the M-15 Suica-Livno main road, across the mountain range of Borova Glava, are warned from BIHAMK on the frequent exits of wild horses, especially in the evening and in the morning.

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