He visited all the Mountains of the Former Yugoslavia in his 95 Years

Najstariji planinar u BiH: Za 95 godina obišao sve planine bivše Jugoslavije, danas sjećanja prenosi na platnoVinko Juric – Dalmo, the oldest mountaineer registered in B&, is a living proof that love for mountains is something inexplicable. This 95-year-old, in his room in a nursing home in Sarajevo, shared his great passion and love which has great impact on him even today. As a native of Split, after he graduated Architecture at the Technical University in Zagreb, he came to Sarajevo in 1950, where he worked as the project designer of numerous schools, housing, health and tourist facilities.

Vinko’s love for the mountains developed while he was still in elementary school, but when he came to B&H, this passion became even bigger and stronger. He met his wife Rajna on the mountain, who died four years ago. During their life together, they shared mutual passion for mountains.

Besides mountains of the former Yugoslavia, he knows well the French Alps, as well as most of the mountains in Algeria, where he worked for a while.

“When I got the call to come to B&H I was so excited that I just could not wait. In Croatia, you have nothing except a little tour of Velebit and Dinara. B&H possess that kind of beauty that is rarely seen,” said Vinko.

“I have in my head all the mountains that I have visited. I will tell you exactly which way to go and how the peak is called,” said Vinko.

This still vital old man, who also speaks five languages, says that the love for the mountain is something inexplicable.

“It is either an infinite love for the mountain, not to say crazy, or you do not feel anything for it. It’s hard to define this feeling. Maybe it’s a primordial human desire for the width, the harshness of the original nature,” wrote Vinko on the occasion of one of his individual exhibitions.

(Source: Faktor.ba)

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