Sarajevo Retirement Home soon on sale?

retirement2At their last session, the Government of FB&H gave its consent to the Federal Institute of Pension and Disability Insurance (PIO) to start with the procedure of sale of properties owned by this Institute. Properties will be sold through a public competition or auction. One of these properties is the former Retirement Home in the Sarajevo settlement Nedzarici, which has not been used after the war and it is declining.

Besides the former Retirement Home in Nedzarici, the Federal Institute will be selling the former Retirement Home in Bihac as well as the hotel “Ero” in Mostar, through a public competition or auction. This way, the Federal Institute PIO will get significant funds for budgetary consolidation, and the privatization of so far unused buildings opens up the possibility for new workplaces, as well as the change of the overall ambience of space, which is declining for years.

Even though devastated, the Retirement Home in Nedzarici is estimated at 13.3 million BAM, while the Retirement Home in Bihac was estimated at 7.5 million BAM.

“Once the Management Board of the Federal Institute PIO makes the decision to call a public competition for the sale of properties owned by this Institute, which are unused, we can expect concrete steps regarding this in the upcoming months. There were already some subjects interested for properties in Sarajevo, but it was blocked due to the legal issues with the Municipality of Ilidza,” stated Kvesic.

The Federal Institute PIO will use collected financial assets for regular operation, rehabilitation of the budget deficit and payments of pensions.

(Source: klix.ba)


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