Head of Islamic Community: Easter symbolizes the Power of the Spirit

Raisu-l-ulama of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein Kavazovic sent a congratulatory message to the Metropolitan Hrizostom of Dabar-Bosna, Orthodox clergy and the faithful believers in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of Easter.

”Easter symbolizes the power of the spirit, the victory of life over death, but also the victory of love and forgiveness over suffering. We need all that, today and here, very much, so we hope that this message will come to life in our beautiful homeland. Only by facing each other, with good intentions in the heart, will this be accomplished,” it was stated in the message.

”I assure you, Your Eminence, that in me personally and in the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you have the full support and sincere interlocutors on that path,” it is stated in the congratulations of the Raisu-l-ulama, MINA reports. 

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